The Mechmet company has been founded in 1980, originally as a crafting service. The production of electrical terminals has started in 1989. Our terminals are the high-quality products and provide us a lot of new clients. Our products have "B" and "VDE" certificates. We constantly gain new contractors thanks to high quality of our products. The cables attachment of our production are bought by companies like PHILIPS, ZELMER, METRIX, FAD NIEWIADÓW, MANN.

In 1996 we started the manufacturing of the cables and the electrical bundles. Our first client of these products is "VTS Clima".

In 1999, taking the priority of quality and speciality of production into account, we resigned from making the cables attachment and focused only on the electrical bundles and different kinds of specialist cables such as the ground conductors.

By bying the most modern machines and measure-control devices we guarantee the high quality of our products. We are in the final stage of initiate the controlling system of quality ISO 9001.

There is no possibility for a bad quality product to leave our factory.